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"A body in motion tends to remain in motion..."

Sir Issac Newton

Dr. Tiffany Christie

A Chiropractor's Chiropractor

Dr. Tiffany Christie is a licensed chiropractor serving the Downtown Seattle and surrounding communities and wants nothing more than to provide the best Chiropractic care to this wonderful community. She genuinely cares about every one of her patients and takes pride in treating the person, not just the symptom. She recognizes that each person is different; therefore all of her patients receive personalized care based on their specific needs.

The lovely & talented Dr. Tiffany Christie

Dr. Christie is originally from sunny Florida, and attended the University of Central Florida earning a degree in Biology with a minor in Physical Science. Dr. Christie always knew she wanted to be in the health profession, but was unsure of exactly what branch. It was when she continuously found herself working for Chiropractors and seeing the benefits of Chiropractic care than she decided that this was the path for her. Dr. Christie attended the prestigious Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida and earned her doctorate of Chiropractic in 2009. She did her internship at Gateway Chiropractic in Texas and worked as an Associate Doctor for the well-established Malott Chiropractic Clinic in Galveston, Texas. Dr. Christie relocated to Seattle with her husband, Paul in 2011 a fter he accepted a position at the Boeing Company. Now living and working in Downtown Seattle she considers this beautiful vibrant city home and is here to stay.

Dr. Christie practices utilizing the Palmer Package including Gonstead, Thompson Drop, Toggle Recoil and Diversified techniques Dr. Christie has also taken courses in Activator Methods, CBP (Chiropractic Bio-Physics), Cox Flexion and Distraction, Graston, and Kinesio-taping. She continues to go to multiple seminars to keep up to date with the latest Chiropractic techniques, advances and research to insure her patients get the best care available.

When away from the clinic you may find Dr. Christie spending time with her two dogs Leo and Lilly. They all love the beautiful out doors that Seattle and Washington have to offer. Dr. Christie is also an avid yogi and tries to practice once a day. She also enjoys running and may be training for any next up-coming marathon.

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