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"A body in motion tends to remain in motion..."

Sir Issac Newton

Ralph Still

Front Desk Extraordinaire

Ralph is usually the cheery voice you hear when you call our office. He's has been a fan of chiropractic for years; he will ensure your visit to DCC is a life-changing one.

He grew up all over California, from Southern, Central and very Northern California but most recently he lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for ten years. There is where he found himself volunteering as an adult cheerleader!!(Yes, a real cheerleader.)

When Ralph is not in school or doing homework he loves being a tourist, on his days off you will find him shopping at Pike's Place Market, atop of the Space Needle or checking out many of Seattle's finest restaurants. When Ralph is not being a tourist in Seattle, he loves traveling the globe on a cruise ship; so far his favorite city is Venice Italy.

Ralph is our super-studly, super fun front office face of the office. What can we say..we love him.

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